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If you are using Microsoft Outlook Express as your e-mail program, follow the directions below to configure it for use with your e-mail account:

Step 1: Open Microsoft Outlook Express on your computer.

Step 2: Click Tools from the drop-down menu and select Accounts....

Step 3: In the Accounts pop-up window, click the Add button.

Step 4: In the side pop-out menu, select the Mail tab.

Step 5: Enter the Display Name (the name you want people to see in the From: field when they receive e-mail from you).

Step 6: Enter the e-mail address that was created in cPanel.

Step 7: Select POP3 as your e-mail configuration.

Step 8: Enter for both POP3 and SMTP server (where is the domain of your cPanel account).

Step 9: Enter the e-mail address you typed in Step 6 as your username.

Step 10: Enter the password of the e-mail account.

Step 11: Click the Finish button and your account is ready to go

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