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An E-mail forwarder is simply a special E-mail address that points to another E-mail address. 

For example, if your domain is and you would like all E-mail that goes to go to, you would make an E-mail Forwarder.

You can create E-mail Forwarders in cPanel. Follow the steps outlined below to create an E-mail Forwarder:

Step 1: Log into cPanel.

To log into cPanel, you should go to (where is replaced by your account domain name).

Step 2: Locate and click on the Mail link on the main screen upon login.

You will see this link after logging in (usually on the top row).

Step 3: Click on the Forwarders link in the Mail Menu. 

This is usally located towards the bottom-half of the Mail Menu.

Step 4: Click on the Add Forwarder link located towards the bottom of the screen.

You will be taken to a form in which you will enter information about the E-mail address that will be a forwarder.

Step 5: Complete the Add a new Forwarder form.

There are two fields that you must complete. In the first field, enter the username of the e-mail address that will be the forwarder. For example, if you would like to forward to, you would put bob in this field.

In the second field, you should put the destination E-mail address. According to the example above, you would put in this field.

Step 6: Press the Add Forwarder button to create the E-mail forwarder.

Now, you can test the forwarder by sending an e-mail to the forwarder and see if the destination e-mail address receives the message.

Tip: An e-mail address can be both a forwarder and an individual mailbox. So, if you would like to have an E-mail address that you can check individually but have a copy sent to another e-mail address, you can do this by setting up an E-mail Forwarder as well

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