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LetsEncrypt SSL Setup Tutorial

The following is a guide to help you setup a Let's Encrypt SSL on your account.  Let's Encrypt certificates can be setup and installed all through the cPanel Plugin.  If you do not see a Let's Encrypt plugin within cPanel, please contact our support team

1.  Log into cPanel.

2.  Click the LetsEncrypt SSL icon:

3.  Under the Issue a New Certificate area, click the + Issue button:

4.  Ensure the 'Include' box is checked for any subdomains that you need SSL coverage for.  mail and www are recommended, the cPanel subdomains are optional. Click the Issue button. Once clicked, DO NOT LEAVE THE PAGE. Sometimes it may take a minute.


That's it! The certificate will be issued and ready to go immediately.  If you run across any errors, please open a support ticket!

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