Using Dreamweaver MX to Upload Print

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In this example, we are using Dreamweaver MX. You will want to configure your Dreamweaver by creating a "new site" (Site>New Site), selecting New... and configuring your information to the following specifications:

What would you like to name your site?: you may enter anything here to help you organize your site from other sites you may have within DreamWeaver.

Do you want to work with a server technology… : Select No.

How do you want to work with your files during development: Select “Edit local copies on my machine, then upload to server when ready (recommended)”

Where on your computer do you want to store your files: Select a location on YOUR computer where you would like to store all of your web site information (or locate the root directory of where your site is on your computer)

How do you connect to your remote server: Select “FTP”

What is the hostname or FTP address of your Web server: Here you will want to enter your domain ( OR, if your DNS has not resolved, you may simply enter the following server: Host name: 111.111.111
(replace 111.111.111 with the IP of your server: this is found in your Activation Email)

What folder on the server do you want to store your files in: public_html/

What is your FTP Login: use the FTP login found in your activation email (usually your account USERNAME)

What is your FTP Password: your account password (be sure to click SAVE if you would like it to save your password for future connections).

Test Connection: if you are online (on the internet), click on this button to confirm the above settings are correct. If this fails, then review the above information to make sure it matches correctly. Remember, passwords and usernames are case-sensitive (which means if it shows all lower-case in your activation email, you will need to set it all lower-case here). You want to see a message similar to the following: “Macromedia Dreamweaver MX connected to your Web server successfully.”

Do you want to enable checking in and checking out files…: Select “No, do not enable check in and check out.

Then select Done, and you are all set! For more information regarding Dreamweaver, please consult your DreamWeaver manual/tutorial.

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