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What are the nameservers?
There is no master and slave DNS at the current time, for details of the nameservers you should refer to your activation e-mail. It will state the DNS you should set your domain name to. Each server has specific DNS, your DNS may differ, for example, from a friend who is also hosted with us. They are probably on a different server.

What are my SMTP & POP3 Mail Servers?
It will be for both pop3 and smtp.
*Replace with your hosted domain url.

Where can I access cPanel?
You can access cPanel at or Of course replace with your domain.

Where can I access WHM?
You can access the WHM panel at
Of course, replace with your domain.

How does YRHost manage to offer hosting at such low prices?
Thats a highly guarded secret, I'm not sure how.

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