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Explain what it means to have a hosting account.

In the world of websites, you have two things: domain name and your host. We can provide both for you. We will host all of your files on one of our servers so your site is served up at any time of day or night with fast speed.


Do I have to get a domain name with your company? I already have one with someone else.

When you sign up for hosting, all you do is change the DNS of your existing domain name to our DNS and your domain will work. It doesn't matter where you got the domain, if you have control over it and can change the DNS, your site will work with us.


When I went to the site where I registered my domain, I did not see where I could change the DNS. Now what?

If you registered it with a company that did not give you any kind of control panel or means to change anything (contact info, etc.) you have made a mistake. You can try to transfer it to us if the Admin contact is an email add. that you can check.

Domains can be registered/transfered at for just $8.49/year

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